Case Challenge Registration closed!!!


Launch Conference Registration is still open!!!

Thanks to all the teams who have registered. Late submission will not be accepted!

To find more information about the agenda details and speaker profiles, open the Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge Booklet

Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge: Launch Conference only

Please click HERE to register for the Launch Conference. Note that you need not register for this if you have already registered for the Case Challenge.

For more details about the Launch Conference click HERE.

Singapore Entrepreneurship Case Challenge (Launch Conference included)

1. Please register with 2 of your friends as a team of 3 people.  Individual registration is not accepted (with effect since 11:59, 10 August).

2. Attendance of the Launch Conference is compulsory to take part in the Case Challenge. 

3. Please do not sign up for Launch Conference separately via the other link, as you are deemed to be attending the Launch Conference by signing up for the Case Challenge.

For more details about the Launch Conference click HERE.

Press here to Suscribe Our Update 

  1. Hi, is it possible to form a team with students from different universities?

    • Hello Zhou Mi,
      Thanks for your question.
      You can form a team with students from different universities.

      Hope to see you in Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge.
      Have a nice day!

  2. Hi I have a team of 3 from NTU-NTC but after filling up the registration form, at the end it says “As you are applying individually, we will assign you a team within 48 hours”. I already have a team members participating with me.
    Even after I register my team member name and email address in the form still I am getting the same reply at the end, Please help.
    Thank you.

  3. hello, i am Gao Danni, i have registered for the challenge, but by default, i also registered the launch conference only one, would u help to solve it? Also, since i apply individually, will i know my teammates before or after the pre-case challenge? when will be the pre-case challenge held?

    • Hello Danni,

      We have solved the double-registration issue.

      Emails regarding team formation and pre-case have been sent to your indicated email address already.

      • hello, sorry that i have not received your email, could you help to double check? thank you

      • Hello Danni,

        Your registration has been recorded.
        However currently we do not have any other participants who register as individual, hence your team has not been formed yet. We would suggest you find 2 other individuals to join and re-register as a team, as the deadline of registration is around the corner and your team will have to solve the Pre-Case and submit by 14th August.

  4. Hi, my friends and I are interested in registering for the Challenge, but we have lecture on 13th August. Can we leave for our lecture and come back to continue?

    • Hello Andy. The case challenge starts with a pre-case once you register. You need to submit the pre-case to us by 11:59 13th Aug. If you pass the pre-case, then you are able to attend the launch conference as challenge delegate. The actual four cases will be released at that time. The time for Launch Conference is 16th Aug, next thursday.

      You said you would have class on 13th Aug. That’s no problem.
      13th Aug is our Start-up Talent Search @South Spine. It’s a whole day event supported by Nanyang Technopreneurship Center that builds a platform for both start-ups and university students to interact and find internship and career opportunities. We highly encourage you and your friends to visit all the booths and network with representatives from those start-ups companies. The list of start-ups can be found in our website under agenda— Start-up Talent Search.

      Have a good night

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