Pitching Session Result

Pitching Session Results.
Qualified Teams for Grand Finale:

Eco Travel:-
4. Hari Babu GV
Varun Mahajan
Rohit Naval

8. Su Haofei, Geng Li Shi, Chenwei

9. Jiang Liangzhou, Maria Moper Dionaleigh B. Nunez, Hans Sakarias Eriksson


Buy1 Give1:-
4. Derrick Ong
Kendrick Koh
Lam Bhan

11. Manmitha
Ng Kok Siong
Ang Ming Kwan

Pytheas Infosys:-
5. Goh Choon Yung Louis
Tan Khun Ling
Ng Liang Wey Jared

7. Tong Sian Choo
Jeinanne Tan Jia Yi
Eugene Huang

3. Marc Chan
Han Yao Guang
Zhou Mi

4. Sandip

9. Xie Kaixin Jennifer
Heng Choon Kim
Lin Jian Hui Eric

Congrats to these teams and thanks to all the teams for your efforts, support and cooperation!

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