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  1. Hello,
    I am an undergraduate from NTU and I am wondering whether it is possible for my friends and I to join as a team of 4.
    Four of us have been working together on business-related academical projects for a while and hope to stick together. It will be a good opportunity for us as well as the other teams if we are allowed to join the competition to challenge them as well as ourselves.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.

    Al. DAI

    • Hello Alan,

      Thanks for your great interest in Singapore Entrepreneurship Challenge!
      We are sorry that we do not accept a team of 4. The reason is this will be unfair to the rest of groups who have registered in team of 3.

      We have stated clearly we accept individual registration and group registration in team of 3 in our registration form.

      However, we highly encourage three of you register as a team, the one left may ask two more friends to form a new group.

      Hope my answer gives you clarification about this issue.

      Have a good night.

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