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Ms. Bhavani Prakash

Founder at Eco WALK the Talk

Founder at Green Collar Asia


Eco WALK the Talk is an environmental public advocacy site focusing on Eco News, Insights, Living Tips and People in Asia.It profiles various changemakers – social and green entrepreneurs, conservationists, activists, volunteers and many more.

Ms Bhavani strongly believes in the power of communities – both social media and real world ones to effect positive change.
Her writings have appeared on various offline and online publications such as Green Purchasing Asia, Eco-Business, Green Business Times, Asia-Pacific Lohas, Home & Decor, Singapore Daily, The Online Citizen, Wild Singapore, The Good Paper, UNIDO’s Making IT Magazine, A Growing Culture

Green Collar Asia is a thought leadership portal with the aim of bringing into public domain various trends in the green jobs sector in Asia. Apart from capturing macro-level data, it seeks to profile green professionals and entrepreneurs, to share the tools, skills, mindset required for success.

She was featured in various media:
SINGAPORE: Business Times, Radio 98.3 FM, The Straits Times, The Indian Institute of Management IMPACT 2010 Alumni highlights and TABLA!
Nominated as an everyday “Shero” by TedxSingapore in December 2012
International media: CNBC Energy Opportunities Debate (UK), Wall Street Journal, The Hindu(India)


Mr. Ashwin Subramaniam

Co-founder of Gone Adventurin’

Mr Ashwin is a keen cyclist and triathlete and believes passionately in the power of the youth to bring about social change especially through the platform of sports and adventure.

He has travelled to various parts of the world and represented Singapore in several international youth conferences during his university years as National Vice-President of the Singapore chapter of the global youth development organisation called AIESEC.

His experiences while being in AIESEC and role-models like Chrissie Wellington inspired him to find a way to combine his passion for social development and endurance sports together to transform the world. He believes that sports have an inherent ability to be a catalyst for positive change. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business (with honours) degree and worked in the financial services industry since his graduation in 2008 to June 2012 – initially as a junior consultant at the consultancy firm Sapient Corporation and later as a Collateral Risk analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Singapore.

In July 2012 he left RBS to follow his passions and go full-time in Gone Adventurin’.

Ms. Grace Sai

Co-Founder of The Hub in Singapore

Founder of Books for Hope in Jakarta.

Ms Grace has been in the field of social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility since 2007. She pursued her MBA at the Said Business School, under the Skoll Scholarship for social entrepreneurs (Funded by Jeff Skoll, the first President of eBay).

In Oxford, working closely with Pamela Hartigan at the Skoll Center, she chaired the Social Entrepreneurship Oxford Business Network that serves to mainstream the field of social entrepreneurship across the business school.

Across the years, Grace has consulted for companies, foundations, charities and start-ups in London, San Francisco, Ghana, Jakarta and Singapore. Notably, she has worked closely with the Skoll Foundation in Palo Alto on a business plan project for the Skoll World Forum, at Eastside Consulting, looked at the sustainability of one of UK’s national homelessness organization’s projects and at Volans London, preparing a due diligence report for its C-suite social innovation consulting arm.

Her focus is on mainstreaming and supporting social entrepreneurship in Asia through ecosystem-building, mentorship and venture support, leading to a current initiative of co-founding The Hub in Singapore. In that capacity, Grace is a judge in various international and national social enterprise business plan competitions (NTU’s Ideas Inc, NUS’ Startup@Singapore, and LOHAS Asia) and facilitator at the EU-China Youth Leadership Summit in Beijing. She also speaks widely about social entrepreneurship and is a TEDxSingapore speaker.

Ms. Ayla Kremb

The Talent Society

With expertise in developing experiential and creative learning experiences for SME’s and NGO’s, Ms. Ayla started her career in the luxury retail and hospitality sector as a customer relations specialist for Ralph Lauren and The Ritz Carlton, San Francisco.

She is highly skilled in corporate communication, with a focus on creating meaningful and mutually beneficial client interactions for international customers from all walks of life, while all along loving the challenge of meeting each individuals unique needs in innovative ways.

Upon arriving in Singapore, Ms. Ayla sought to further deepen her understanding of relationship management as a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and enthusiastically got involved with Aidha, an award winning micro business school. In addition to mentoring many of Aidha’s leadership and financial education clubs, Ms. Ayla also contributed to Aidha’s curriculum development and their staff training programs.

Since co-founding of The Talent Society, Ms. Ayla has specialized in helping SME’s ideate business concepts through interactive work-shops and designing comprehensive project management plans and standard operating procedures to accelerate their business growth. Throughout her work with The Talent Society, Ms. Ayla has gained experience in a diverse spectrum of industry sectors, engaging in various projects ranging from market research for a Brokerage House feasibility study to mentoring Social Enterprises at The Hub, an innovative co-working space for SE’s and entrepreneurs. Her unique knowledge of human behavior has also allowed her to become especially adept in targeted speech and presentation writing for various small businesses and entrepreneurs, where she continuously aims to create effective and powerful audience interactions. As such, Ms. Ayla’s is able to facilitate fruitful communication and productive learning environments, that fosters both practical knowledge and personal growth.

Mr. Scott Bales


Mr. Scott joins Movenbank with over ten years international experience in financial services innovation, thought leadership and implementation planning, most recently as SVP of Partner Solutions at Fundamo, a VISA company. Mr Scott’s previous roles include management of technology solutions and strategies in retail banking, risk management, cash management and transaction banking.

Mr Scott’s strong personal interest in mobile financial inclusion and international development has led to his appointment to Advisory Boards across the world. Mr Scott will continue these roles with the full support of the Movenbank family.

Mr Scott has a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and a Masters of Business.


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