Case Challenge Partners

Social Startup


Buy1GIVE1 is a social enterprise established in 2007 (headquartered in Singapore). It supports, inspires and educates businesses globally.

B1G1 Giving is a Not-­‐for-­‐Profit Society registered and regulated in Singapore. It supports many other charity organisations around the world to create sustainable contribution models.

100% of contributions made by B1G1 Businesses are passed directly to the Worthy Cause organisations through B1G1 Giving. B1G1 takes nothing from the contributions nor does it receive funds from charities in any way for the services it provides.

Green Starup

EcoTravel Services

ECO TRAVEL is a Singapore-­‐based travel agency, providing extraordinary overseas travel experience through nature appreciation and environmental learning. Eco Travel’s business model centers closely around Eco Tourism and Sustainable Travel. It actively works to improve its operations to be more eco-­‐friendly and also to stick close to its values to promote eco-­‐tourism to its travellers.

Cultural Startup


Zinicat provides a food recommendation application service that matches persons to food and restaurants. The service runs off an intelligent computing system that learns about a person’s food preferences and helps the user discover relevant and new information about food and restaurants. People worldwide are passionate food and there is a clear demand for services that feed that passion.

Technological Startup

Pytheas Infosys Pte Ltd

Pytheas Infosys is a travel technology firm that is building Singapore’s online travel marketplace. They provide travel agents with their proprietary Travel CMS software that helps customers publish their travel packages online and setup their own web and mobile store. Through a combination of internet, mobile and social media technologies, they are aiming to enrich the conventional offline shopping and travel planning experience.


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